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Canguru: packing the next 50

50 Anos Canguru

Visionary and pioneer. Perhaps these are the words that best define Canguru Embalagens in 2020, the year in which it completes five decades of history. Idealized and founded by Mr. Jorge Zanatta in the 70s, the industry no longer counts on the physical presence of the entrepreneur, however, his legacy is easily identified in each project, decision, management methods and even in the behavior of the collaborators who inherited the positivist vision in relation to the future. Values such as humility, respect, transparency and energy for business also remain latent in daily routine. “It has to vibrate! Because if you don't, you won't get anywhere”, he used to say to those who lived directly with him.

A reference in the national market when it comes to flexible plastic packaging of quality, Canguru has overcome numerous challenges that have arisen over the last 50 years, always focused on maintaining innovation as one of the main characteristics, whether in the market, product, technology and management. And more than ever, its team of qualified professionals works so that the industry continues to be seen as a reliable partner that provides solutions for its customers.

For the future, expectations are the best possible. As the packaging market is dynamic and new technologies and needs arise all the time, Canguru formats its strategic plans every 5 years, being able to redirect the course each year. The main objective, however, is to remain a reference in the segment and continue to stand out as a company that provides solutions to its customers, with quality and efficiency, but without losing the simplicity that is in the DNA of the business.

In addition to continuing to overcome challenges with a focus on growth and strengthening the brand, the company also intends to continue perpetuating the strength of the business, providing quality products to the market, guaranteeing jobs and security for families that are impacted by the company's business, as well as prosperity to the entire southern region of Santa Catarina.

Currently, Canguru continues to reap the fruits of this work carried out with so much dedication over the last 50 years, now under the guidance of the family that participates in an active and strategic way in the Board of Directors.

Influenced by the teachings left by the patriarch, the family members directly linked to the business maintain the harmony and professionalism that contribute to the maintenance of the Canguru culture. Under the motto "Packaging well, what's best" management continues to lead the industry in a safe and prosperous way towards the future.