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Creating a sustainable world for this and the next generations is necessary to understand the impact of every decision we make in our lives, from a company that makes a big change in the way of developing its products, to the consumer that makes the correct use of this consumer good. This is because each attitude, regardless of its size, individual or collective, has the power to change the world.

Motivated to reduce the negative impact on the environment and, consequently, make the world a better place, Greenow was born and is proposing changes in a sustainable way. Good for the planet and the living beings that inhabit it.

Canguru Seal

Through the Canguru Seal, we identify products developed in sustainable ways. With that, our goal with the display of this seal is to show consumers actions that we and our customers are taking to reduce damage to the environment.

Nano Pack

Following our purpose with the search for sustainable solutions, we developed the Nano Pack, which consists of a resistant film with a high barrier, 100% recyclable and suitable for use in the pet food and hygiene segments. The Nano Pack technology is the result of studies carried out since 2018 to achieve a completely reusable result that maintained the same quality that Canguru guarantees about its products.

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  • Youth Neighborhood

    On 10/13, in partnership with the Bairro da Juventude Institution, a magical day was held for children in celebration of Children's Day. The idea was, in addition to giving them a present, to make the children aware of the recycling process. Using the concept of the Nano Pack technology, a magic box was built where a child would insert a used package on one side and on the other side, they would receive a toy showing that in the recycling process the useful life of the product does not end in the trash, it can create a new object with a new purpose.

  • Hit the Road Project

    The Pé na Estrada project was carried out by the NGO Eco Local Brasil (Barra Velha/SC), with the purpose of carrying out environmental actions and activations, collecting plastic waste from beaches and transforming it into toys.