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If it's good for nature,
it's good for Canguru.

for all of us.

We believe that a sustainable cycle is best for our ecosystem.

Institucional Canguru


Operating in the Latin American market for over 50 years, we are one of the main converters of thermoplastic resins in Latin America, leader in the packaging segment with flexographic printing.

Canguru Plásticos consolidated itself in the plastics sector, becoming one of the most important Brazilian companies in the sector, a condition that has been reinforced over the almost 50 years of activities. The quality and variety of products and services offered, gives the Canguru brands a leading position and reference in the market.

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With creativity and technical quality, Canguru has the ideal solution for each product. Special films, structures suitable for different types of application in monolayer, laminated or co-extruded with special resins. Whatever your product is, you will find in the packaging produced by Canguru the ideal partnership with excellent printing and color fidelity.