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Almost half a century of existence is time capable of gathering countless experiences. Subjective capital and also concrete capital that enriches us. The countless hits, the many mistakes; conquests or difficulties, everything is present in what we are today. Everything served to improve us.

During all this time, we have strongly developed our corporate values and the technical qualification of our team.

We have strengthened our relationship with the community and we have not stopped thinking, even for a minute, about what to do so that Canguru can be even better in all aspects of its life.

For us, time is the wind that blows in our sails. The future, this is the world that is made now.

Canguru Embalagens - Logotipo de 1970

The beginning, our first steps. It is interesting to see how our mascot Canguru was in the 70's. Just as it is fundamental to recognize its importance throughout these years in which it represents us. Your image is an institutional value that we preserve with great affection.

  • 1970 - Foto 01
  • 1970 - Foto 02
  • 1970 - Foto 03
  • 1970 - Foto 05
  • 1970 - Foto 04
  • 1970 - Foto 06
Canguru Embalagens - Logotipo de 1970

Canguru leaves the scene, but not our hearts, of course. This version of the brand does not feature our dear comrade, who goes on vacation for a short time, returning later. The company goes through many changes, conquers the market, and establishes a solid position in the packaging sector. A lot of effort and teamwork. As always.

  • 1988 - Foto 01
  • 1988 - Foto 02
  • 1988 - Foto 03
Canguru Embalagens - Logotipo de 1970

Look who's back: Canguru. More mature and colorful so to speak. Our brand is modernized within a context of many advances made by Canguru. Our mascot returns with a new look, representing our technical and organizational competence with its colors and agile movements.

  • 1997 - Foto 01
  • 1997 - Foto 02
  • 1997 - Foto 04
Canguru Embalagens - Logotipo de 1970

Our today has never looked so much like the future. This is because we breathe new air and our days have been full of advances. Our spirit is renewed with each movement. We count almost 50 years on the road and start a new stretch again. It has been like this all this time. Cycles, stretches, ascents, descents, long plains. Always with the wind in our face, refreshing our spirit, and looking at the horizon for much more.

  • 2018 - Foto 01
  • 2018 - Foto 02
  • 2018 - Foto 03
  • 2018 - Foto 04
  • 2018 - Foto 06


Canguru Plásticos consolidated itself in the plastics sector, becoming one of the most important Brazilian companies in the sector, a condition that has been reinforced over the almost 50 years of activities. The quality and variety of products and services offered, gives the Canguru brands a leading position and reference in the market.

Founded in 1970, Canguru stood out in the development of plastic solutions for the most varied consumer markets. Initially operating in the production of plastic bags, in a short time Canguru diversified its product portfolio and expanded its sales.

Currently, Canguru's flexible packaging segment is formed by the manufacturing unit located in the state of Santa Catarina, in Criciúma.

Pioneer in the Brazilian market in flexographic printing of films and plastic packaging, Canguru serves the most varied segments such as diapers, sanitary pads, soap, animal feed, cereals, cold cuts, breads and cakes, candies, snacks, meat, soft drink labels among others.

Canguru's graphic quality is recognized worldwide. Using state-of-the-art technological resources and counting on highly qualified professionals, Canguru offers all the necessary support to guarantee a perfect graphic quality in the final result of the production of its packaging.

Industry reference in the graphic area in special technical films, the proof of all success is our constant growth and partnership with the biggest companies in Brazil.

Performance and technologies

We constantly invest in equipment and technologies in our factory and laboratory, always seeking the satisfaction of our customers, with our technical performance recognized inside and outside Brazil.




Mission: We at Canguru work to surprise our customers, providing packaging and services that provide value, protection and practicality.


To be a reference in Latin America in innovative packaging solutions.

Quality and Sustainability Standards

Since 2002, Canguru has been investing in several programs to improve the quality of its products and services and to protect the environment. We have an internal Environmental Management System observing all legal and applicable requirements, ISO9001:2015 certified Quality Management System, implementing Good Manufacturing Practices, Study of hazards and risks to packaging safety (APPCC), Safety Programs of the Worker and the 5'S Program. In 2018, another step was taken and certification focused on food safety was obtained – the BRC/IOP (British Retail Consortium) standard. In view of this, a Policy integrating the regulations was prepared to promote a single guideline for approaching communication, principles and vision of processes between areas of Canguru.